The Education Ministry of FBCS enables us to connect with others to experience and express the love of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing opportunities for small groups to enjoy fellowship together and grow in the Word of God while serving others. We have two small group systems:

Sunday School Classes

Ungraded 1 – Thompson – B101
Senior Adult Ladies 2 Class – Cain – B100
Senior Adult Ladies 3 Class – Thomas – B103
Men (Age 30-49) – Benton – F103
Senior Adult Ladies 4 Class – Owens – F104
Senior Adult Mens 2 Class – Hall – F106

Ungraded 2 – B200
Young Marrieds Class – F201
Senior Adult Mens 1 Class – Slusher – F208
Birth Year 1971-1975 Class – Magel – F203
Birth Year 1941-1955 Class – Mellard – F204
Women – Bartlett – F200

Birth Year 1956-1970 – Zachary – F209

 Coming Soon Summer eGroups


An emergency call, and I rush from my coziness into the dark community where the police have requested a chaplain. Arriving in minutes, I find the family imploding with grief having just discovered their son hanging in the garage. In a moment of unshakable pain, he jumped off the ladder and into eternity. And I will never shake the look in their eyes when I asked why he hadn’t called a church. “Why would he do that?” Across town, a pool of tears on my kitchen table as an out of town guest feels the weight of his infidelity, despairing that his famished soul finds no refuge and that he has to board a plane to feel fellowship. “Has your church tried to help you?” And the Christian leader confesses he hasn’t been to church in years.

Infighting, backbiting, heartbreaking, frustrating … church.

Though exceptions do exist, the reality is that church in America is failing one life at a time. Somewhere between pathetically predictable and shamefully entertaining, sadly sentimental and rarely authentic, church has become worst of all … godless.

Vertical Church points to a new day where God is the seeker, and we are the ones found. In Vertical Church God shows up, and that changes everything.

If you want to experience God as you never have before and witness His hand at work, if you want to wake up to the first thought, “Thank God it’s Sunday,” if you’re ready to feel your heart beat faster as you drive to your place of worship … then devour and digest the lessons of Vertical Church.