FBCS Student Ministries

Connecting with STUDENTS & their families to experience and express the love of Jesus Christ through Disciple Ministries.

Sunday School Classes

Youth Room – B201- ALL Youth
6th – College Students meet in the Student Room at 9:30am each Sunday


5:45 pm – Doors Open to the TOWER – 6th – College (Youth Room)
Doors open at 5:45pm on Wednesdays.
If you arrive before 5:45pm you will have to wait outside until doors open.
Youth ends at 7:00pm. Have your parents pick you up at that time.


An application is to be completed by all those desiring a ministry volunteer position involving the supervision of minors. The questions are part of the process to help provide a safe and secure environment for our children and teens. It is our desire to work with you to find a ministry that is fulfilling and suited to your strengths. All information is held strictly confidential.
If you are currently or desire to work with FBCS children or youth, please REGISTER NOW to Protect our Ministry.

Travel & Medical Liability Release Form

Sponsoring Organization: First Baptist Church of Sulphur Address: 401 S. Huntington St., Sulphur, LA 70663

We, the undersigned parents/guardians of the above-named participant, grant permission for the participant to participate in

Permission to Go: We have been advised of the nature and extent of the activities that may take place and represent to you that the participant is physically and mentally able to participate in those activities. We (I), who sign below, are the legal guardian(s) of the above-named minor child and we (I) do consent for said child to travel under the care of First Baptist Church of Sulphur for the dates specified above.

Release of Liability: We understand that the activity does present the risk of injury or even death, to the participant, and we have advised the participant of those possibilities. We represent to you that we and the participant assume the risk of any such injury or death and hold you, your agents, employees and representatives harmless from any liability for injury or death to the participant while engaged in this activity which is caused or contributed to by the conduct of the participant, and agree to indemnify and defend you against any claim or liability asserted against you for any such injury or death to the participant.

We also hold you, your agents, employees, and representatives harmless from all liability to any other person or entity arising as a result of the conduct of the participant in this activity and agree to defend and indemnify liability arising as a result of such conduct.

Permission for Medical Treatment: If we are not personally present at these activities in which the participant is to participate, so as to be consulted in the case of necessity, you are authorized on our behalf to arrange for such medical and hospital treatment as you may deem advisable for the health and well-being of the participant.