Do You Have 5 Minutes? Over the weeks and months ahead, you will be hearing about the outreach initiatives called Harvest ( and Bless Every Home ( The overall HARVEST objective is to share the gospel with every home in the state of Louisiana by the year 2020. BlessEveryHome will help FBCS, reach every home in Sulphur. And if YOU register, it will help you in your efforts to reach every neighbor! So, do you have 5 minutes to pray for your neighbors? Read below on one idea to help you do just that…

From BLESS Your Neighbors It is helpful to develop a pattern of prayer if you want to sustain that prayer over a long period of time. One such pattern, using the acronym BLESS, was developed a number of years ago by Alvin VanderGriend. The idea is to focus prayer for God’s blessing on specific neighbors or coworkers in the following areas: B—Body: Pray for good health, protection, and strength. L—Labor: Pray for their work experience and their financial security. E—Emotional: Pray for emotional health and a good quality of life; for joy, peace, hope. S—Social: Pray for their relationships with their family and friends. S—Spiritual: Pray for their salvation, that they will come to faith in Jesus Christ.

A suggested pattern is to pray these five blessings, for five neighbors, for five minutes each day.

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